We provide high end, luxury vehicles

Benson’s Total Limousine Services offer the ultimate in chauffeured vehicles.

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Mercedes Benz S-Class Maybach

Sophisticated and comprehensively equipped. This luxurious vehicle makes an impression. The only Maybach chauffer vehicle available in Australia.

BMW 7 Series

Our BMW 7-Series sedans provide passengers the spacious and modern ambience BMW are known for. These sophisticated, luxury appointed vehicles available in colours to suit any occasion.

Holden Caprice

Modern, sophisticated and comprehensively equipped Holden Caprice’s in a range of colours including White, Black and Silver. The Holden Caprice’s are ideal for all transfers.

Mercedes V-Class

The Mercedes V-Class is ready for your executive, family or group requirements. This multi purpose vehicle will alleviate the stress of any journey whilst appearing sleek and confident.

Luxury People Movers

Designed for convenience and generous space our People Movers promise safety enhancements, ergonomic design and exceptional flexibility for long or short excursions.