Why choose a limousine service?

If professional service is your priority, then a limousine service is far superior to any other kind of private transport available.

Bensons Limousines is the only Quality Endorsed Limousine company in Australia, so when you book with Bensons you know you are with the best.  Our drivers are professional, courteous and punctual.  We’ll get you to where you need to go safely and on time.

Traditional taxis, self-drive hire cars, and Uber cars all have many limitations by comparison.

Uber vs a Limousine Service

Let’s start with Uber. The Uber app may seem like a simple option when travelling but there are lots of drawbacks. For instance, there is no security screening or training involved in being an Uber driver – anyone over 21 with a car can drive for the company.  So you really have no idea about the person who you have entrusted yourself to.

An Uber driver may change their mind about picking you up, potentially leaving you stranded or at risk of missing your plane trip or holiday connection.

In contrast, Benson’s Limousines provide a pre-booked service and on-time reliability so you can have complete peace of mind. Our limousine drivers are happy to wait for you while you are shopping or at a meeting, and will be right there for you when you want to return home or to your hotel. Uber drivers have no such loyalty to their customer.

Reliability is not built into the Uber business model.  As for behaviour once the passenger is in the car – almost everyone has a story of a driver who made them feel uncomfortable in some way.

Making things even more problematic, if anything goes wrong Uber does not have a customer service number, just an email. So if you have questions or complaints, you can’t actually speak with a staff member in head office.  By comparison, at Bensons, you can be sure of the quality of communication at all stages.

Limousines are a more practical choice than Uber, for a variety of reasons.

When you choose a Bensons limousine, you can feel confident that you are supporting a fair business that is open and honest in its dealings.  Uber does not provide a guaranteed minimum wage, health insurance, workers compensation, or overtime pay.

We look after our staff here at Bensons, and that means our staff have a strong interest in looking after YOU – the customer.

Professionalism is the watchword here. A reputable Limousine company like ours will conduct extensive background checks and thorough screening of potential employees.

Taxis versus a Limousine Service

Taxis tend to offer lower levels of service and equipment. Because they work to a different business model they tend to serve a different customer base.

Taxis are not strictly focussed on comfort, luxury, equipment, service or cleanliness. Their focus is on making as many trips as they can. Taxis operate with an on-demand business model. Limos are reserved to serve you and be there for you on an ‘on call’ basis for an agreed period of time.

Taxis are metered so they charge for both time and distance – which can often add up to a surprisingly high charge for some trips, especially where dense traffic or long distances are involved!

Taxis are obviously not always the most comfortable way to get around.  Sometimes there are odd smells and reckless or even grumpy drivers. Taking a limousine ride is a far more pleasant experience.  In a Bensons Limousine, you’ll enjoy a ride where you can stretch out, listen to music and perhaps have some drinks, and chat with your group. Whether you are going to the airport, a business meeting or a special event, you’ll arrive relaxed and happy.

And with a limousine’s locked in price, you can avoid the tension of watching the taxi’s meter climb higher and higher with each passing minute!

If you are taking the whole day to explore Adelaide, you don’t want to be constantly dealing with the hassle of hailing cabs to get around. With a limousine, you can explain your plans for the day to your driver and have elegant, reliable transport throughout your whole adventure.

A Limousine Service compared to a hire car

Wouldn’t a hire car be just as good, I hear you say…

But do you want all the extra stress of doing it all yourself?

In a hire car, you can’t sit back and relax when you are driving yourself around. This can make a big difference if you are in an unfamiliar part of town, or even a different city.

Hire cars often come with extra fees including parking fees, extra insurance and fuel costs.

When you choose the self-drive option, a lot of work is involved. You are responsible for planning the route and checking out the parking options at the venue or destination well beforehand. Even scheduling your time on the day itself. On top of that, it’s up to you to organise the actual driving. All of this can be stressful. And of course, designated drivers can’t join their friends in a social drink on the day.

Licensed chauffers on the other hand, are highly experienced at navigating all types of traffic and weather conditions. From pick up to drop off, you can kick back and relax – knowing that your schedule is taken care of and you are free to just enjoy the ride without any stress whatever.

Not only that, but you can seat about five or six people in a standard limo, and in a stretch limo you can sometimes seat more than 10 passengers. Many limousines are fitted with the latest in high-quality sound systems, so you can plug in your phone, iPod or USB and have your own playlists pumping out during your drive.

Limousines also can provide great extra options such as televisions and even bar fridges. As companies have differing policies on smoking, drinking and eating in the vehicle, it is always good to check this out beforehand.  Most limousine services don’t allow smoking in the back of the vehicle.

When it comes to service, vehicle condition, amenities, luxury, comfort and peace of mind – it makes sense to choose a limo over all the other options available.